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Zimbabwean authorities remove 2 Indian, 5 Cyprus universities from accredited list

The Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE) has taken decisive action by removing seven universities in India and Cyprus from its list of accredited institutions.

This move, announced in a recent statement, comes after a thorough review of the accreditation status of foreign higher education institutions.

The universities affected by this decision include Girne American University, Sharda University, Parul University, Near East University, University of Kyrenia, The European University of Lefke, and University of Nicosia.The statement issued by ZIMCHE emphasizes the importance of verifying the accreditation status of foreign universities before enrolling, as studying at an unaccredited institution can lead to financial loss and have serious implications on academic qualifications and career prospects.

This action underscores ZIMCHE’s commitment to upholding the integrity of the higher education system in Zimbabwe.Furthermore, ZIMCHE has also invalidated honorary Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees awarded by the International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) to high-profile individuals. The revocation of these degrees, which were deemed to violate Zimbabwean laws, serves as a warning against the use of titles such as “doctor” from unregistered institutions.

In light of these developments, ZIMCHE urges the public to exercise caution and diligence when considering foreign universities for higher education, emphasizing the importance of ensuring accreditation to safeguard academic pursuits and future career paths.

Nasir Abbas

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