The Kashmiri-Palestinian couple’s initiative against supporting Israel

Shehzad and Nadia, a Kashmiri-Palestinian couple residing in the United States, have recently introduced a website named “DisOccupied” aimed at identifying and exposing brands and companies that endorse Israel. This platform facilitates consumers in boycotting Israeli products by providing them with information on companies supporting Israel.

In an interview with TRT World on Friday, March 29, the couple shared their motivation behind launching this initiative. Nadia, hailing from Palestinian descent, expressed her desire to take concrete action in solidarity with the Palestinian community beyond social media activism. Shehzad elaborated on the extensive effort they invested in researching and compiling a list of companies backing the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) for the website.

Emphasizing the significance of the month of Ramzan, Shehzad urged individuals to reassess their purchasing behaviors. He highlighted the potential inadvertent support for companies involved in atrocities by contributing zakat to Israel-backed organizations. Nadia echoed her husband’s sentiments, cautioning against inadvertently aiding genocide by supporting such entities. Shehzad shed light on the financial mechanisms utilized by Zionist organizations to fund illegal Israeli settlements, underscoring the necessity of their website in exposing brands complicit in supporting Israel. Since October 7, 2023, a global movement has refrained from buying Israeli products and patronizing franchises endorsing Israel to convey a strong message against actions causing harm to innocent Muslims, including displacements and violence within their homeland.

The couple’s initiative comes in response to Israel’s military campaign on the Gaza Strip on October 7, triggered by a Hamas-led attack, resulting in the loss of around 1,200 Israeli lives. Subsequently, Israeli forces have inflicted casualties on over 32,000 Palestinians, predominantly women and children, with 75,092 individuals in Gaza sustaining injuries.

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