Khalistani groups funded Kejriwal’s AAP with over Rs 100 cr

The head of Sikhs For Justice had previously issued threats against India, including a promise to disrupt the Parliament’s foundations. Fortunately, these threats did not come to fruition.
The United States has accused India of planning to assassinate the separatist leader. India’s internal investigation has uncovered that some ‘rogue agents’ were involved in the alleged plot.
Meanwhile, Kejriwal remains in the custody of the Enforcement Directorate following his arrest in the Delhi excise policy scandal. Despite his plea for protection from arrest being rejected by the Delhi High Court, he is under ED custody until March 28.
AAP has decided that Kejriwal will continue as the Chief Minister even while in custody. The party has launched the “Mai Bhi Kejriwal” campaign as it prepares for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, with its leader unable to campaign.
Sources within the ED have reported that the phone linked to Kejriwal during the excise policy scandal is now ‘missing’. The agency has specified in its directive that the AAP leader will not have access to a computer or paper while in detention.
Opposition figures have criticized the arrest, with some suggesting that Kejriwal was detained to divert attention from the recent release of electoral bonds data by the Election Commission of India on March 21. The data, provided by the State Bank of India following pressure from the Supreme Court, reveals the BJP as the primary beneficiary of the scheme, which had faced initial scrutiny for its lack of transparency.

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