Poona Pact(24 Sep 2022): A document to enslave Dalits for eternity

Poona Pact: A document to enslave Dalits for eternity

Caste is considered the cornerstone of Indian Hindu society. In this, the untouchables are at the lowest level in the structure of hierarchical inequality, which were officially called 'depressed classes' until 1935. Gandhiji had rewarded them with the name 'Harijan' which was not accepted by most of the untouchables. Now they have chosen for themselves the name 'Dalit' which is indicative of their downtrodden status. At present they constitute about one-sixth (16.20%) of the total population of India and one-fifth (20.13%) of the total Hindu population. Untouchables have been deprived of all social, religious, economic and educational rights in Hindu society for centuries and to a large extent are still there.

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