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Miracle, miracle: Twitter thanks Netherlands as Pakistan qualifies to the semis

You heard it right, despite the many odds against the green shirts, Pakistan has qualified into the semi-finals of the T20 worldcup.

And if you don’t know how to react, start by thanking Netherlands for winning against South Africa, then thank your cricketers for winning against Bangladesh, and to top it all off, thank the the stars, destiny, timely rains, along with all the people whose prayers were clearly heard, to make this achievement worthwhile.

And if you’re still unsure about the outcome, join us in this voyage into the realm of Pakistani Twitter, where memes have errupted in response to what many are dubbing a “miracle” and celebrities are taking a victory laps while offering their nods to the team.

“Netherlands, chumi qubool karo (please accept my kiss),” tweeted actor Imran Ashraf.

Qudrat ka nizaam,” tweeted singer Asim Azhar. “Thank you South Africa. Love you Nederlands. Now onto to our quarter final,” he shared in another tweet. “This is Pakistan cricket. You write us off, we come back stronger. You say we can’t do it, we do it like no other. You say we are done, we start again. You corner us down, we roar like tigers. This is Pakistan cricket. Semi Finals – here we come!!!” he continued, ecstatic!

“2022 ya phir 1992? Inshallah,” tweeted Ushna Shah.

“Well played Netherlands,” shared Bilal Ashraf alongside a hilarious video.

“Congratulations for making it to the semis,” chimed in Adnan Siddiqui. “However, every day is not Sunday! About time the team reflected on the batting order and made necessary changes. Tall order but everyone will have to keep their egos aside if the goal is victory. Good luck for the finals!” he added on a serious note.

Twitter users, too, have been sharing rib-tickling memes and videos to express their surprise at the team’s qualification. A user posted the hilarious “Meri selection hogayi?” clip to announce Pakistan has made it to the semi-finals.

“They said kholi knocked out Pakistan twice in a tournament but here is Pakistan in the semis,” added another, laughing like there’s no tomorrow.

Qudrat ka nizam,” tweeted one more, making an Umbrella Academy crossover.

“Pakistan at top of the table,” cried another, with one more short clip that is sure to make you laugh.

Here’s hoping we continue marching forward with the same pride and joy.

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