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Soccer’s Mourinho got rapping talent in Stormzy’s new song


AS Roma manager Jose Mourinho has come up with some memorable quotes in his career but he probably never thought his words would one day turn into lyrics for a British rapper.

Stormzy released his new song Mel Made Me Do It on Friday, which includes what the Portuguese coach said in 2014 when his Chelsea side lost 1-0 at Aston Villa after Mourinho and two of his players were sent off.

“I prefer really not to, not to speak, If I speak I am in, in big trouble,” Mourinho is heard saying after Stormzy says “I prefer not to speak like I’m Jose.”

The former Real Madrid and Manchester United manager joined Stormzy in the music video released with the song, in which the rapper, his crew and the Portuguese are seen doing Mourinho’s signature silence gesture with a finger to their lips.

“Was great fun doing this cameo for Stormzy’s new music video out today. I had a great time…” Mourinho posted on his Instagram account. Mourinho may have already found his rapper name years ago when his words turned into his famous nickname Special One.

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