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A Kind of Magic: Coke Studio reimagines Queen’s iconic song with Eva B and Karakoram

Coke Studio has reimagined the iconic Queen track A Kind of Magic featuring the Pakistani artist Eva B, and Pakistani band Karakoram, stated a press release. 

International artists Ari Lennox, Griff, Tesher, Mariah Angeliq, Tems, TRI.BE and Ekin Beril have also released their unique versions of A Kind of Magic for the launch of Coke Studio Global. The core of the platform is the belief that our differences make the world a richer place in which to live – and that real magic happens when we come together through shared experiences, both digitally and in real life. 

The song was originally written by the band’s drummer Roger Taylor, as an ode to lead singer Freddie Mercury’s “terrifically fertile brain” and described his creative process as “a kind of magic”. 

The rendition is arranged and produced by Zulfiqar (Xulfi) Jabbar Khan and Sherry Khattak, mastered by Dave Kutch of The Mastering Palace, and is captured beautifully by ace director Kamal Khan.

This year’s Coke Studio 14 was a mad mash-up of Gen-Z soloists and the grandmasters that lit the way. This year’s reboot also embraced the bond between music, aesthetics and attitude. Each of the thirteen songs came with a unique video, created by some of Pakistan’s most progressive directors including Kamal Khan, Murtaza Niaz, Jamal Rahman and Coke Studio veteran Zeeshan Parwez.

With Pakistan’s premium live sound expert Ishaq Nazir and sound tech squad that included Sherry Khattak and Turaab Khan in pivotal roles, the result was a confessional season wrapped in delicious visuals and sound. It was all held together by visionary collaborators like Abdullah Siddiqui, ActionZain, Talal Qureshi, Adnan Dhool, Arsalan Hasan and Rovalio. Fusing them all together was the masterstroke of Xulfi and Coke Studio.

This is the era of Pakistan’s self-actualisation, and as Pakistan’s biggest cultural export, Coke Studio knows it. “Artistic, talented, progressive – if we get our powers together, we are amazing,” Xulfi said. He added, “For me, Coke Studio can open peoples’ hearts to Pakistan.”

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