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Meera’s next film to highlight ordeals of sexual harassment

Veteran star Meera’s next offering revolves around sexual harassment. The famous actor, who was last seen in Baaji alongside Amna Ilyas in 2019, is said to be busy shooting in the US for a film on a social issue, reported Express PK.

The theme of the short film, Number 36, is based on sexual harassment faced by women in society. The story of the film is written by famous writer Dr Fatima Hassan and is dramatised by Arif Afzal, while Meera and MK Shirazi played the lead roles in the film.

Speaking to the media about her upcoming venture, the Nazar star said, “Number 36 is a thought-provoking film which showcases the trauma of how women are sexually harassed by men.” Expressing her gratitude, she added, “I am happy to essay the role of protagonist in a short made in the US and I am thankful to Arif Afzal who offered me the lead role for Number 36“. She added that I enjoyed working with his team. “I hope viewers will like this effort,” Meera concluded. 

With a career spanning over several decades, Meera was previously asked if she had always wanted to be an actor. While appearing at Time Out With Ahsan Khan, she replied, “I wanted to be an actor since birth and I was very good at my studies too. But an achiever, no. I failed sometimes and still do.” But in love, did she fail or achieve, inquired the host, Ahsan Khan, to which she said, “I fell in love, very hard, but I don’t know if I have won or lost.”

Asked about the many scandals she has been associated with, Meera said, “The biggest, however, includes a video, and a marriage. They are far from the truth.”

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