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Shahroz Sabzwari explains why ‘Dil-e-Veeran’ has just as many slaps as any other TV serial

Shahroz Sabzwari returned to the small screen this year with a project that has now become a household name for TV serial fans. Dil-e-Veeran sees Shahroz essay the role of the down-to-earth and wise Talal who struggles to negotiate the family politics of his household. The simple yet engaging plot has triggered many conversations on Twitter for being unpredictable with new things happening to the trio of main characters.

Speaking to a local news channel, Shahroz expanded on his character and bond with co-stars on set, his glow-up, and the abundance of violent scenes in the drama. Upon why does he think the serial has grabbed such attention, Shahroz credited the new revelations in the script each day. “The storyline isn’t too spread out in a way that there aren’t pillar characters. The story revolves around new things happening in the everyday lives of the characters who are already present in the show. That has kept the audience hooked. They wait to be surprised with what happens to the character each day.”

Talking about the challenges of getting into the character, he said, “The most demanding part of the character was that it had to be as honest as an angel. He doesn’t lie, doesn’t mislead someone, and doesn’t betray anyone. I channelled my dad’s personality into this role. He is Talal in real life.”

Shahroz feels his character’s backstory was such that he was a tricky character, to begin with. “Since childhood, he’s led the whole family on his shoulders. He’s all for having fun and laughing it out loud but he’s a very strict and principled person in matters of honesty. He can’t tolerate dishonesty or deception; it gets him angry and helpless. Talal demands strictness and a loud demeanour.”

Moving on to his intimate scenes with the young actor Nawal Saeed, Shahroz shared that they “automatically” had chemistry given how similar they are off-screen with their attitude toward work. “Nawal and I have really good chemistry. I don’t really talk more than is required of anyone on sets, and Nawal is exactly like that. We’re completely focused on work. During work, she’d be Minhal (her character) and as soon as the director calls cut, she’d go back to being Nawal. We’re completely focused on work. I found such a comfortable space with her.”

On being the only experienced actor on set, the host asked him whether it was a weird experience shooting with relatively lesser-known people, especially since people prefer known faces in this industry. “When I’m on set, whoever I’m interacting with, whether they’re my brother, or sister, or my heroine, I consider them equal. I think of us as labourers. We’re all here for a 10-hour to 12-hour-long shift, and after the work is over, whoever wants to go back to being a superstar or whatever can continue their lives.”

Calling the team his family, he added that they all sit in one room while they work. Nobody has ever asked for a separate room or a van or any special treatment based on seniority, experience, or otherwise.

Addressing why the drama features a number of slapping scenes, Shahroz shared that he had also read a comment on his post questioning the same. “This drama is aired every day. It’s not a one-episode per week drama so the slaps feel too many because it is being aired every day. However, it happens in other dramas too, they just seem to be paced differently,” he said. Further justifying the script and screenplay wrights of daily serials, he added, “We used to have daily soaps but with time, we’re seeing daily serials. We’ve 40 minutes of daily episodes now, and since it’s still new, our writers are in the process of mastering the art.”

Having said that, Shahroz eventually admitted that there’s an overdose of slap scenes in the serial now. “I do feel that too but I know the backstory. It was written for a one-episode per week model. So the slap that was supposed to air in July and August, all happened in June because the show now airs daily.”

About the massive change in Shahroz’s physical presentation over the years, from his sense of fashion to his haircuts, the host asked the reason behind his glow-up and “hot” looks. “Sadaf happened to Shahroz. That’s what happened,” exclaimed the Nand actor.

“Trust me, since Sadaf has entered my life, every drama or advertisement I choose to do, actually all of the work even if it’s an Instagram post, which itself is work for us if you see, is covered by Sadaf, From my dialogue delivery to my clothes to the grid, Sadaf has a mood board for it,” he said.

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