US general says China’s command control mechanism 1st target in war scenario

In case of armed conflict, China's command control mechanism will be the primary target, the commander of the US Marine Corps said on Thursday. Speaking at the Washington-based Hudson Institute on the new combat doctrine and force design of the US Marine Corps, Gen David Berger said they also expect China to make a similar move. He said the logistics issue is as critical as intelligence now, making it the topmost item in operation planning. The Russia-Ukraine war has shown that along with logistics, information on the battlefield is also critical, added Berger. Also read: China and the US — a new cold war The US will target the soft spots at first, which are both the logistics elements and the command and control mechanism, he stated, responding to a question on what the US will do in case of conflict with China. The US commander went on to say that China has been working on how to weaken the US military’s command and control mechanism. If there is a conflict, they will also target the US command and control mechanism, Berger added.

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