Water level in Jhelum starts to recede

 KV Network Water level in Jhelum starts to recede

Srinagar, June 23: The water level in Jhelum river Jhelum river has started to receed, officials said.

The max gauge of 22.09 feet was recorded at Sangam yesterday evening at 8 PM. Current reading at Sangam is 19.65 feet (8 AM), the gauge has dropped by just 2.44 feet in 12 hours, IFC department said.

Normally, Sangam gauge should have dropped by more than 6 feet by now, it added.

It a rear event, probably indicating one or two catchments (Vishow & Rambiyara) had received very high intensity rains that ensured continuous discharge is fed to Sangam (weak enough that it couldn’t push the gauge up but strong enough to ensure that gauge didn’t reduce quickly), the update added.

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