Websites affected globally after Cloudflare outage

Cloudflare Inc confirmed on Tuesday that internet service was affected globally due to an error that affected hundreds of webpages hosted by the internet security firm. The company announced on its website "a critical P0 incident was declared at approximately 06:34AM UTC. Connectivity in Cloudflare’s network has been disrupted in broad regions." The company added that customers attempting to reach Cloudflare sites in impacted regions will observe 500 errors. "The incident impacts all data plane services in our network," it maintained. "We will continue updating you when we have more information. The Cloudflare team is aware of the current service issues and is working to resolve as quickly as possible. Updates can be followed here.
— Cloudflare (@Cloudflare) June 21, 2022   Internet users experienced errors and timeouts as they tried to reach webpages hosted by Cloudfare earlier in the day. The firm quickly notified its users that the issue had been identified and was in the process of being resolved. In early 2017, webpages hosted by the same firm were effected by a bug causing a leak of encrypted personal data. Read Internet users likely to face slow speeds on Thursday At the time Cloudflare hosted six million websites, spreading them across the internet to put them closer to customers while at the same time reducing their exposure to the so-called Distributed Denial of Service attacks that might knock them offline. Earlier this month, people in different parts of the country faced slow internet speed on social media platforms due to fault in submarine cables. The people witnessed disruption while using Facebook, WhatsApp and other websites that was later confirmed by the authorities. “There were disruptions both on DSL as well on mobile data but for a few minutes,” Aamir Allawala, the chief executive officer of Tecno Pack Electronics, told The Express Tribune. A resident of Gadap Town, Soban Hanif, said that he encountered sluggish internet speed while he was working. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued a statement confirming that two marine cable cuts were reported earlier in AAE-1 and SEAMEWE-5 near Egypt. The telecom regulator said that the lines have been repaired while another cut in IMEWE near Italy is being repaired. However, all telecom traffic in Pakistan was restored to normal. This was not just an issue in Pakistan but was witnessed worldwide.

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