My multiverse of madness: Fans share their take on Marvel film

The madness of the recently released Doctor Strange has piqued on Twitter. The sequel of Benedict Cumberbatch-starrer became the talk of the town after several Pakistani producers shared how local business was being damaged as the Marvel film hit the cinema same time around five Pakistani films were set to screen.

However, the hype was unreal. Doctor Strange and his questionably effective book of spells has summoned a blockbuster $185 million at North American movie theaters over the weekend, reaffirming the box office dominance of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe after a shakier, pandemic-battered year for the franchise.

Fans, who have already watched the film, took to social media and shared crossovers that left us shook! Here are some of the best ones.

Marvel and other major franchise films tend to be front-loaded in terms of ticket sales because fans want to be among the first to see the movie – lest spoilers appear online and ruin the fun. Still, the sequel will quickly blow past the final box office tally of the original Doctor Strange, which ended its theatrical run with $232 million domestically and $677 million globally.

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