Influencer Waliya Najib reunited with her cat after two months, fans rejoice the reunion

Photographer turned social media influencer, Waliya Najib’s Instagram feed is all about lifestyle, fashion, food, family, travel and her cat, Muffin. Her world was shaken when one day she posted the news of her cat’s disappearance. For almost two months, she kept on asking for leads and prayers from her fans to help get her cat back and even offered a hefty amount of 100k as prize money.

On Sunday night, Najib reunited with her snow coloured cat, Muffin and fans, who were invested in the whole journey of finding Muffin throughout, took to their social media handles to rejoice the reunion.

Najib posted a series of videos of the reunion where she couldn’t stop her tears, and held her cat close. “King Muffin is back home! This is nothing short of a miracle,” she wrote in the caption. She further went on to thank fans for their constant prayers and Aliyan Vets, a vet service in Islamabad, where Muffin was brought earlier for grooming by someone and was caught on video.

“Thank you so much for randomly posting that video and for helping me track him down, if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have found him! And to all of you guys for praying constantly. I’ve been so stressed today but the wait was worth it! Need to give him all the cuddles for the two whole months he was away.”

Under the comment section, singer Uzair Jaswal and actor Merub Ali also expressed their overwhelming joy at the influencer meeting her fur baby again.

Twitter is also full of fans celebrating the news. A user wrote, “The way Waliya Najib got her Muffin back is just so heartwarming! I can’t. Kash aisay hi saari duain qabool hojain (Hopefully all prayers are answered this way)”

While Najib was on her way, anxious and impatient to meet Muffin, her fans shared the same feelings as her.

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