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Wahaj Ali steals praises for his moving performance in ‘Jo Bichar Gaye’

Maya Ali and Wahaj Ali-starrer Jo Bichar Gaye brought fans on their toes in the latest episode of the 1971 war drama. In the latest episode, Captain Farrukh and Haroon lose their lives while fighting against Bengali soldiers, who were once a part of their own army and team. The Haissam Hussain directorial won praises for depicting the trauma of war and loss without a single drop of blood.

A user took to the microblogging site and wrote, “it is impossible to overcome the loss.”

Shaken, traumatised and baffled, netizens flocked to Twitter to discuss and share their opinions about the tragedy shown in the latest episode, Many compared the painful brilliance to that of the critically acclaimed 2010 historical drama Dastaan. 

In awe of the production, a user convincingly tweeted, “those who are not watching Jo Bichar Gaye, please do. It’s such a treat to watch. Everything is nailed to perfection  – acting, cinematography, script. Every single thing. And it has Wahaj Ali.”

Commenting under his own tweet, he further added, “and also Talha Chahour and Maya Ali. In fact, it is one of the shows where you cannot commend just one actor. Everyone is brilliant throughout.” 

Praising Wahaj’s acting as Rumi, a user tweeted, “I just can’t explain what impact today’s episode of Jo Bichar Gaye had left on me. starting from the first scene till the last, I got goosebumps! I don’t have words to praise Wahaj’s acting in today’s episode. He was just exceptional, phenomenal and mind-blowing.”

Wahaj’s titular role as Rumi in the show has been the talk of the town since the airing of the show. Commending his expressions, and the wise choice of not using a loud voice to display violence and trauma, netizens dedicated special praise for him after the last episode.  

Calling him the “finest actor of Pakistan”, a user tweeted, “I  am falling in love with Wahaj Ali more and more every day. The guy has immaculate sense in choosing his dramas – Ehd e Wafa, Dil Na Umeed To Nahi, Ishq Jalebi and now Jo Bichar Gaye.” 

“The excellence of Wahaj’s craft is his intensity and the capability of taking the audience to enjoy a roller coaster ride of emotions with him. Both Fazal and Wahaj made me cry with their performances today! Brilliant would be an understatement to describe the chills they made me feel,” another fan tweeted. 

Sharing a clip of when Wahaj discovers the death of Captain Farrukh, a fan tweeted, “The horror in his eyes! I don’t think I would ever be able to recover from that one glimpse that emotes every bit of remorse, guilt and much more than a person goes through while losing someone so dear in front of their very eyes! Wahaj Ali deserves an award.” 

Sharing the same feelings, another user wrote, “I can never get tired of talking about Wahaj Ali eyes. They deserve a whole book written on them! Love, admiration, pain, agony, confusion, passion, cross the levels of deepness every time. ”

Jo Bichar Gaye also received great praise for including women in its portrayal of history. According to a user, “the character of Sonia and Mrs Anwar-ul- Haw (Nadia Jamil) adds miles to the narrative.” Another user thanked Ali Moeen for penning two strong female characters. She wrote, “Sonia portrays the strong-minded, patriotic young blood while Mrs Anwarul Haq essays the role of a mother caught in a war she wants to have nothing to do with. Thank you Ali Moeen for not letting anyone forget the women while narrating history.” 

While fans are invested in the tale of love, life and loss during a war-torn time, the real rage is about the magical chemistry between Maya as Sonia and Wahaj as Rumi. Despite this being Maya and Wahaj’s first on-screen project together, the chemistry is almost palpable. There is tension, a clash of opinions and care – all contributing to making the scenes more real. Even when fans know the duo might not have a linear fate in the show, they could not stop shipping them.

Another aspect of the show that drew praise from the viewers was the replacement of bloodshed with suggestive scenes and actions that effectively communicated the dread of what transpired or was about to come. They also worked as trigger warnings. It started many conversations but mostly created an air of dread amongst viewers in awe of the jarring portrayal.

A user posted, “What a spine-chilling episode of Jo Bichar Gaye tonight but so important to watch and to know history. May we never take peace for granted. May we never allow the enemy to divide us to that extent ever again.” 

Another fan tweeted, “I’m shivering after watching today’s episode of Jo Bichar Gaye. It’s so frightening when you think that people of both sides actually went through all that.” 

The episode had a fan “gasping for air” throughout.

To recap the slaughter that occurred, the drama played rare footage from the actual war narrating the tragic events. Praising the narration through footage, a user wrote, “This was the story of many Pakistanis. This was a story we need to remember. This is a story that needed to be told. Thank you, Haissam Hussain.”

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