Maya Ali, Wahaj dominate with their sizzling chemistry in ‘Jo Bichar Gaye’

Amidst typical run-of-the-mill narratives of marriage in a patriarchal society, Haissam Hussain’s latest drama, Jo Bichar Gaye, has been trending on Twitter for its historical take on the 1971 Indo-Pak war since its first episode aired.

Featuring Maya Ali and Wahaj Ali as the lead couple, along with Talha Chahour, the much-talked-about drama talks about revolt, riot and rebellion, and is based on real events including the Fall of Dhaka. The multi-layered storyline follows the bloodshed while allowing room to explore how the tragic events unfolded and affected human lives around it.

A Twitter user even called the show ‘Netflix worthy’.

While fans are invested in the tale of love, life and loss during a war-torn time, the micro-blogging site is filled with fans outpouring their love for the OST, reviews for actors giving their best performances, nailing the accents, the fresh content and brilliant direction, but the real rage is about the magical chemistry between Maya as Sonia and Wahaj as Rumi.

Sonia and Rumi

Despite this being Maya and Wahaj’s first on-screen project together, the chemistry is almost palpable. There is tension, a clash of opinions and care – all contributing to making the scenes more real. Even when fans know the duo might not have a linear fate in the show, they could not stop shipping them.

The two carry their own separate ideologies while envisioning the inevitable problems of Pakistan and its divide. A Twitter user said, “I really love the relationship between Rumi and Sonia, they are out to cut each other’s throats when it comes to their beliefs and ideologies, but that doesn’t stop them from caring for each other!”

They even reminded fans to dedicate a Mehdi Hassan song to their names.

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