Internet finds Alizeh Shah’s lookalike in a Qatari TikToker

Fans of Alizeh Shah have found a doe-eyed lookalike of the actor in a TikToker from Qatar, and the resemblance is difficult to miss. With similar short hair, coupled with a fringe, and soft features, the TikToker, who is allegedly a model, looks strikingly similar to the young Dil Mom Ka Diya actor.

With a video of the TikToker, who goes by the username Rania on the app, singing and dancing along to an Arabic song going viral over social media alongside a picture of Shah, fans were left doing double-takes due to the resemblance. 

Recently, Shah made headlines after a video of her smoking in a car went viral over social media, which was filmed at a traffic stop without the actor’s consent. Without responding to the controversy herself, Shah took to her Instagram stories and shared a video message from the Head Of FIA Cyber Crime, Sindh, Imran Riaz, who is also an Ambassador Against Women Harassment and Child Pornography in Cyber Space.

The video sees Riaz informing netizens about the consequences of recording and filming anyone without their consent to emphasise the crime that has been committed in Shah’s case. He states, “Taking anyone’s picture or recording their video without consent, uploading, sharing, tweeting, re-tweeting it on any social media platform, as it has happened in Alizeh Shah’s case, comes under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016. It is a crime punishable by three years in prison or Rs one million fine or both. So please be careful.”

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