For hurting Hindu sentiments: Indian Twitter demands Sunny Leone’s arrest

Bollywood actor Sunny Leone is in hot water for allegedly hurting Hindu religious sentiments with her latest song, Madhuban Mein Radhika Naache. Indian Twitter users are furious and demanding her arrest for “crossing the line and turning divine love into a lurid act”, while also calling for the state’s involvement in removing or altering the song’s lyrics and name along with a public apology.

As per various media outlets, Leone’s controversial song reportedly recreates a disgraceful version of a 1960 Hindi devotional song. The song allegedly displays Radha, one of the Hindu Goddesses, in an ‘obscene’ avatar, that has angered devotees of the Hindu faith.

An angry Twitter user shared, “The way Radha and Madhuban are presented in this modern song by Sunny Leone in Madhuban Mein Radhika Naache, Hindus will not tolerate it.” The post went on to question why the music industry keeps “playing with the Hindu faith again and again?”

Another one called the starlet ‘hinduphobic’ and tweeted, “Sunny Leone feels no regret for insulting and mocking Hindu Gods. She vulgarised the bhakti and devotion for money. (It’s) time to understand what these people are,” along with the hashtag ‘arrest Sunny Leone’

Another netizen demanded Leone’s arrest, writing, “Arrest Sunny Leone for hearting sentiments of Hindus specially Shri Radha Krishna Devotees.”

Others also dragged actor Salman Khan into the chaos and demanded strict punishment for him since he promoted the song on his reality show, Bigg Boss.
“I demand the arrest of Sunny Leone and strict punishment for Salman for inviting her to promote this song in Bigg Boss,” wrote a user, lashing out at Khan for promoting the song.

The hashtag ‘Arrest Sunny Leone’ was trending on Twitter until Madhya Pradhesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra warned the actor along with singers Shaarib and Toshi to apologise and withdraw their music video. “Some heretics are constantly hurting Hindu sentiments. The video ‘Madhuban me Radhika Nache’ is one such condemnable attempt. I am warning Sunny Leone Ji, Shaarib and Toshi Ji to understand. If they don’t remove the song after apologising in three days, then we will take action against them,” Mishra told the media when asked about the song.

Critics have time and again raised their voices against the growing atmosphere of religious intolerance and fear since Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in 2014. Only this year, Mishra had issued several warnings to brands for advertising “objectionable and obscene” content. Designer Sabyasachi, Dabur India Private Limited and many others have been victims of the growing state-regulated threats and censorship.

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