OIC criticize India over Assam incident

Jedda (South Asian Wire): Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), an organization of Islamic countries, has criticized the Indian government over eviction of hundreds of Muslim families from government land in Assam.

The OIC, on its official Twitter handle, called the police action in Darrang district in India’s northeastern state of Assam in September during the alleged eviction of hundreds of Muslim families from government land as “systematic violence and harassment”. Two local Muslim civilians were killed during this action.

After the incident, the Assam government ordered a judicial inquiry into the matter and said that the investigation would be headed by a retired judge of the Gauhati High Court.

According to South Asian Wire, in a statement released on Twitter on Thursday evening, the OIC called the media coverage of the matter shameful and appealed to the Government of India to behave responsibly.I

The Organization of Islamic Countries in its statement has appealed to the Indian government to provide security to Muslim minorities and to respect all their religious and social fundamental rights. It has also been said in the statement that the best way to resolve any issue within national sovereignty is through mutual dialogue.



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