Nehru would not have wanted the bloody partition of the country, made unnecessary decisions to maintain friendship with Mountbatten

jawaharlal nehruNot only the British and Mohammad Ali Jinnah were responsible for the partition of India in 1947, but Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru was equally responsible. Had Nehru wanted, partition would not have been possible. Historians ignored this fact for 75 years and ignored the cries of lakhs of families who were the victims of Partition.

This claim has been made with the help of documents in the book ‘The Story of India’s Partition’ published by the Publications Division of the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry. The author of the book Prof. Raghavendra Tanwar is a historian. He himself has been a victim of the horrors of Partition. He has also presented a copy of the book based on the then newspapers and documents to PM Narendra Modi. The PM had also announced to celebrate ‘Partition Vibhisika Diwas’ on 14th August.

Pro. Tanwar said, where thousands of people were being killed every day in Punjab-Bengal, leaders like Nehru were holding a farewell party for the British rulers. The question in the book is – the British announced their withdrawal from India in August 1948. Then how did he suddenly decide to leave India in August, 1947 in June itself?

Why did Indian leaders accept the hasty decision? In two months, the country was divided into two parts in a hurry. Lakhs of displaced families suffered the pain of disorderly partition, they not only lost their property but also lost their lives.

The decision was taken in the meeting of Menon and Mountbatten

Tanwar claims, Krishna Menon met Mountbatten in Shimla on May 8, 1947 as Nehru’s representative. Mountbatten proposed India to become a member of the Commonwealth in the meeting. In return, Menon asked for a promise to give independence a year in advance. Mountbatten met Nehru and went to London in the first week of June to get Prime Minister Attlee approved of the partition.
Historians veiled Nehru’s mistakes

In ‘The Story of India’s Partition’ the author Prof. Raghavendra Tanwar says that Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru made many unnecessary decisions to maintain friendship with Viceroy Mountbatten. But the historians of the time covered these mistakes with the veil of greatness.

Partition of Punjab was not necessary.
West Punjab was completely calm compared to East Bengal, which was suffering from communal violence before independence due to partition, so it was because of its mixed culture. Hence Mountbatten claimed in June 1947 that Punjab would not be partitioned.
suppressed history

nehru-liaquat pactjawahar lal nehru – Photo : Social Media

Due to which the country had to face the horrors of partition, they continued to rule the country for 40 years, so these truths of history were suppressed. But Tanwar has prepared his book with the help of these facts recorded in the diaries of many officers like the then Governor of Punjab, Jenkins.

There was a split in Gandhi-Nehru,

jawahar lal nehru
Tanwar has claimed, quoting Ram Manohar Lohia’s book ‘Guilty of Partition’, Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi had disagreements on the issue of Partition. On June 14, 1947, the Congress Committee meeting between the two was so heated that Gandhi left the meeting. Lohia was present in this meeting. He said that Gandhi was brought back after being denied and Nehru claimed to have informed him over the phone, saying that Gandhiji probably did not understand the whole thing because of the phone line failure.

Why government and Mazumdar’s research are missing from NCERT

After all, why is the research of historians like Tarachand Jadunath Sarkar and RC Majumdar so different from that of Satish Chandra, Vipin Chandra and Romila Thapar? The NCERT books required for the Civil Services Examination contain only the narratives presented by Thapar and Chandra.


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