Will there be a power crisis in India like China? Power plants shutting down due to lack of coal

@CoalNew Delhi: electricity Crisis: These days there is a serious power crisis in China. Due to the lack of coal, China’s power plants are unable to generate electricity, due to which there is a crisis of electricity given to factories as well as people’s homes in China. On some similar lines, the shortage of coal is being felt in India as well. Due to the shortage of coal, the production of electricity in many power plants of India is expected to come to a standstill.

After this, the country’s largest coal mining company Coal India Limited has come under the target of the government. The Modi government at the Center is repeatedly warning Coal India to ensure regular supply of coal to the power generation plant. Due to the shortage of coal in the coal-fired power plants, the production of electricity is being affected. Fears that electricity generation due to the collapse in India, China as the power crisis that may arise.

Electricity sold at Rs 20 a unit
According to the data of the central agency Central Electricity Authority, the production of 8817 MW of electricity in 72 thermal power plants of the country has come to a standstill. The demand for electricity in the country is continuously increasing. Because of this, 10000 MW of electricity is being traded in the power exchange at the rate of ₹ 20 per unit.

Multiple warnings to Coal India
Coal Secretary Anil Jain, in a letter to the company’s Chairman Pramod Agarwal on September 27, wrote, “I would like to remind you that the Ministry of Coal has repeatedly addressed the issue to the officers of Coal India Limited. Tried to assure that the stock of coal in the power plant is continuously decreasing. Despite several warnings, there is no improvement in the situation so far.”

Ministerial level meeting In
this regard, between April 12 and September 9, several ministerial level meetings have been held. Many suggestions have been made to solve the problem of coal in the power plant, which have not been implemented so far. Till now the company has not implemented them.

electricity demand increased
The demand for electricity in the country is continuously increasing. The peak electricity demand in the country has crossed 200 GW since June. On the contrary, the production and dispatch of coal from Coal India Limited is continuously declining. Because of this, there is a shortage of coal in all the power plants of the country. Earlier on August 21, there were reports that 57 power plants of the country are facing coal shortage. Of these, 5 power plants have coal stocks and are dependent on daily supply of coal to generate electricity. 6 power plants have 1 day buffer stock while 15 power plants have 3 days inventory.

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