India blame Pak army officers deployed on the border to help China

New Delhi (South Asian Wire)

China has deployed military officers of Pakistan in its PLA. These Pakistani officers have been deployed by China in its theater command, According to Indian media.
According to the information received by the Indian intelligence, these Pakistani officials are sharing the information received from their sources against India with their Chinese counterparts. Under this agreement, Pakistani military officers have been deployed in the Western and Southern Theater Commands of the Chinese Army.
Officers of the Pakistani Army are posted in China’s Western Theater Command and Southern Theater Command. According to strategic experts, the border of the country with India near this command of the Chinese army, Responsible for the security of Xinjiang and the Tibet Autonomous Region. Last month, China appointed General Wang Haijiang as the new commander of the Western Theater Command. Information has also been received that additional officers of the Pakistan Army are working on projects related to defense supplies in China. Strategic sources said that the presence of Pakistani military officers in the Chinese army has increased manifold and this shows that the mutual coordination between the two countries has started deepening.
There have been several rounds of military and diplomatic level talks between India and China amid tensions that arose after the violent conflict in eastern Ladakh last year. Despite this, China remains firm on its stubborn attitude. He still has the Chinese army stationed in the Ladakh region on the Line of Actual Control ie LAC. According to intelligence sources, a Colonel-rank officer of the Pakistan Army has been posted in the Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission. This commission has the responsibility of preparing the strategy of war, training and making the strategy of the Chinese army. Not only this, 10 additional military officers are stationed in the Pakistani embassy in Beijing, Indian media claims.

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