Bilawal terms budget 2021-22 injustice with working class

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto on Friday said that it seemed the finance minister had presented a budget of some other country instead of Pakistan.

Expressing solidarity with the protesting government employees in Islamabad after National Assembly’s Budget Session, Bilawal dubbed the budget injustice with the working class, labourers and government employees. He said they would raise the concerns of government employees on the floor of the House.

“If you (the government) will keep going on and do injustice with the working class, then I will go to every nook and corner of the county and tell the people that they are bearing the burden of incapability of the government,” he said.

He said when there would be a people’s government in the country, justice would be done with the working class and labourers. He told the protesting government employees that they would become their voice, and launch a campaign against the government.

He said they demanded of the government to fulfill your promises which it had made with the employees. He said, “We demand Rs25 thousand minimum wage per month as we have set in Sindh, and we demand 100 percent increase in pensions as we had done in our government. We also demand 175 percent raise in the salaries of army men as we have done in our government, he said.  He said Pakistan was facing historic inflation and unemployment.

Shehbaz Sharif while talking to media men after the budget session said that the opposition parties had decided to give a tough time to the government in the parliament. He said the government had presented wrong figures and made false claims.

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