Cyber Police Kashmir Saves Rs. 6 lacs Lost In Remote Access Mobile Application Scam

Cyber Police Kashmir Saves Rs. 6 lacs Lost In Remote Access Mobile Application Scam

Advises General Public To Refrain From Sharing Confidential Data Over Phone Calls

Srinagar, Jun 9 (GNS): Amid an unprecedented number of internet-related scams and crimes reported across the Valley on a daily basis, Cyber Police Kashmir has been heightening its vigil to rein into the unscrupulous elements to ensure a safe and secure cyber space for the thousands of netizens.

The Cyber Police Station Kashmir Zone, Srinagar received multiple complaints over the week wherein complainants have been duped by fraudsters through a new scam i.e ‘Remote Access Mobile Application Scam’, reads a statement issued to GNS.

In different incidents, many complainants were duped of Lakhs of rupees through Remote Access Mobile Application scam. Scammers used the same modus-operandi of impersonating themselves as BSNL/JIO customer care representatives to victims.

According to complaints, the scammers sent fake message on the phone for completing the KYC of their SIM cards besides giving a warning message that their sim card will be deactivated and shared a cell number to call as Customer Care Number. On dialling the number, the fraudsters introduce themselves as Customer care Executives of BSNL/JIO and asking them to complete the KYC verification by downloading some apps like Quick Support, Team Viewer, Any Desk etc, it reads.

The victim downloads these apps on their cell phones giving complete remote access to the fraudsters. Unaware of this, these victims downloaded the apps and allowed the fraudsters to see everything on their phone. The fraudster also directed him to open his banking app and taking control of his cell phone through Team Viewer Quick Support app. Following the steps of fraudster, once the login process was complete, the fraudster also directed him to transfer a little amount of Rs 10 to validate whether the KYC process has been completed. The fraudsters not only see the victims User ID but also the Password and withdrew an amount of ₹6.00 lacs from his bank account, the statement reads.

The victim after realizing that he has been trapped in a cyber fraud immediately reported the fraud to Cyber Police Station, Kashmir Zone, Srinagar. Acting swiftly, Cyber Police Kashmir with strenuous efforts were able to save the amount of the victim.

Amidst Covid-19 pandemic when the public is dependent on cyber platforms, the vulnerability of getting trapped into cyber scams/frauds gets increased. General public is advised to refrain from downloading any remote access apps like Team viewer, quick support, Anydesk App etc. or dialling fake helpline or customer care numbers found on Google search engine. These legitimate apps are remote software tool, which provides third party a complete hold of the users’ cell phones/computer.
General public is advised to be aware of these latest scams and not to fell prey to these fraudsters besides not to share any banking confidential information like OTP’s, Card number, CVV etc to anyone over the phone (calls), it concluded. (GNS)

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